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Welcome to the SupperJam Farm Experience: Where Urban Chic Meets Rustic Bliss

Horseback Riding, Gourmet Picnics, Glamping, and Farm-to-Table Vineyard Dinners. Creating Unique Experiences In And Around Contra Costa County.*39E534D8-%20supperjam*PNG?alt=media&token=48d8bf44-9b80-4d40-b663-0d9559151d00*supperjam11415EB2-E087-45D4-88A1-BCFD943A5E5C*PNG?alt=media&token=aa7ce336-6afd-4cb7-94d5-3b96545bf136*94BC3F8B-306E-46A2-8FB7-44275B424980*png?alt=media&token=8c25b4a8-6f03-4dbb-9c29-2a8462054af8

Quickly Escape The Hustle And Bustle OF The City

Welcome to an enchanting world where rustic charm and urban sophistication intertwine. In the heart of Contra Costa County lies a hidden treasure trove of farm experiences just waiting to be discovered. Whether you seek a tranquil respite from city life or crave hands-on encounters with nature's bounty, our curated selection of farm experiences has something special in store for you.

At Supperjam, we believe that getting back to our roots and connecting with the land is not only rejuvenating but also a vital part of understanding the world around us. The rolling hills, lush pastures, and thriving farms scattered throughout Contra Costa County offer the perfect backdrop for unforgettable adventures.

Embark on an extraordinary journey as we invite you to dive into an array of unparalleled activities. From horseback riding through scenic landscapes while enjoying gourmet picnics to indulging in glamping date nights under the starlit sky – we have crafted remarkable experiences that blend sophistication with rural allure.

— DISCOVER HIDDEN EXPERIENCES —*supperjamE80EE32A-3FD7-47AC-99E3-9540BC8477C4*PNG?alt=media&token=ba8f611e-0fcc-4f6b-9894-f0c3e9b3e9d2
Glamping Date Nights*Untitled%20design%20(3)*png?alt=media&token=85e9c9ad-65b8-4df2-a036-8c1000b164ff
Horse Riding & Gourmet Picnic Dates*94BC3F8B-306E-46A2-8FB7-44275B424980*png?alt=media&token=8c25b4a8-6f03-4dbb-9c29-2a8462054af8
Farm-To-Table Dinners*Untitled%20design%20(2)*png?alt=media&token=669f4e91-1e9c-4eba-82b3-68eae888ee79
Family Farm Tours

Get Ready to Experience Urban Glam Meets Rustic Bliss

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Become A Farm Host

Are you a farmer in Contra Costa County, California, with a passion for connecting people to the land? Are you looking for an opportunity to showcase your farm and its unique offerings? Consider becoming a farm host with Supperjam!
  • Expand Your Reach
    Partnering with us as a farm host allows you to tap into our growing community of supper club enthusiasts and local food lovers in Contra Costa County. Gain valuable exposure and attract more customers to your farm.
  • Boost Your Revenue
    Hosting events on your farm opens up new revenue streams beyond traditional farming activities. Our supper club events attract enthusiastic foodies who are willing to pay for unique dining experiences in beautiful farm settings.
  • Amplify Your Marketing Efforts
    Benefit from our collaborative marketing efforts as we promote your farm as a featured host on our website, social media platforms, and through targeted email campaigns.
  • Support Sustainable Agriculture
    By becoming a farm host, you actively contribute to promoting and supporting sustainable farming practices in Contra Costa County. Join us in creating awareness about the importance of locally sourced food and responsible land management.
  • Strengthen Community Ties
    Engage with like-minded individuals by hosting gatherings that celebrate local food and foster connections between farmers, consumers, and food enthusiasts. Become a vital part of building a resilient and thriving local food ecosystem.*farm%20to%20table%20-%20supperjam%20experience*jpeg?alt=media&token=dd1e2d80-7286-42cb-afff-ae31cf6f1e79*Ai%20Clarisse%20-%20Farm%20experienceAi%20ClarisseIMG_9914*jpg?alt=media&token=114f8cc7-d927-4043-8553-72d75d9d02c0
Greetings from the founder, Clarisse Jackson!

We are excited to offer you an unforgettable farm experience that celebrates the beauty of agriculture and the joy of connecting with nature. Whether you are a farm enthusiast or simply looking to discover a new adventure, our farm experiences are designed to provide you with an authentic and immersive journey into the world of sustainable farming.

To our valued farms, we extend our sincere gratitude for partnering with us on this incredible journey. Your passion, dedication, and commitment to sustainable practices have made these experiences possible. Together, we aim to create meaningful connections between guests and farms, fostering appreciation for the hard work that goes into producing fresh, organic food.

To all our guests, rest assured that your well-being and safety are always our top priority. Our team follows strict health and safety guidelines to ensure you have a worry-free experience on the farm. So get ready to roll up your sleeves, dig in the soil, and delight in farm-fresh goodness.

Thank you for joining us on this adventure!*farm%20to%20table%20-%20supperjam%20experience%202*jpeg?alt=media&token=9171aea9-0dd1-4891-b343-f2a4972281c6
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